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Saturday, December 22, 2012

oh christmas tree


2012-11-27 001 2012-11-27 015

2012-11-27 001 2012-11-27 022

2012-11-27 001 2012-11-27 038

2012-11-27 001 2012-11-27 0532012-11-27 001 2012-11-27 029

For whatever reason, I was in a HORRID mood the day we decorated the tree.   (I can’t remember the reasons, but they were probably the typical ones…the house is trashed, no one listens to me, I can’t have any nice things until the kids move out, I ate 10 Christmas cookies until I felt sick) 

Regardless, I pulled out the ornament box, plopped my butt in a chair and let the kids have at it.  I didn’t put any ornaments on and I didn’t say a single word.  Brian turned on some holiday tunes and grabbed his camera. The kids  pulled out dozens of home made ornaments we’ve made over the years. only breaking one or two.  only arguing once or twice.   It was the calmest part of the day.

Now that the day has passed, I look at these gorgeous pictures,  gorgeous kids, favorite ornaments and realize that I was present, but not REALLY.   Maybe some days are just like that.   Maybe the kids will remember how they got to decorate the tree ALL BY THEMSELVES.  2012-11-27 001 2012-11-27 020

Joshua finished decorating, then grabbed a book to read under the lights of the tree.   I love that boy.


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mom said...

some days are just like that...and in spite of our mood memories are made and love still prevails.


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