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Monday, October 1, 2012

Things heard around my house: September 2012

Grace:   let’s read the “pup-cake” book.   (Her favorite book on the Kindle because it’s about different types of cupcakes AND she’s completely memorized it all!

2012-09-27 001 2012-09-19 009

Kaylee (right before bed):  Mom, I love you more than ANYTHING in the world!  Even more than ice cream, cake and cookies!


2012-09-27 001 2012-09-09 094

Kaylee:  I want to marry Jack when I’m 88 years old.  I hope he’ll wait that long for me.

2012-09-27 001 2012-09-09 003

(She’s laying on the garage can so she can “fly”)

Me:  Who did you sit with on the bus today?

Joshua: no one

Me:  I thought that you had a full bus and had to sit with a friend.

Joshua:  No no.  The bus capacity is 85 and there are 67 kids on the bus.


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Neabear said...

Your son really knows his numbers!



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