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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lace and Learn

My obsession with ruffles has turned directions and now I’m moving towards lace LACE LACE. It’s so cheap to find different kinds of lace at estate sales and consignment craft stores.

My M-I-L gave me a boring white tee shirt with a small stain on the front.   I cut the neckline into a v and then sewed some lace around the collar.  Then I added some super thick lace to the bottom of the tee and dyed the entire thing green.


1.the green dye was very splotchy

2. the lace around the v neck made me feel like a clown

3. the lace at the bottom didn’t fit over my bum.



1. that I should read directions for dye-ing next time

2. I can alter a neckline easily with scissors

This shirt got tossed.  Strike 1.

Next up, a cute sweater that someone gave to me and more lace.


FAILED:  lace ended up lopsided and bunched up (and looks ridiculous on me)

Someday I’ll take the lace off and try something else. 

Strike 2

Last but not least, a white pullover sweater from my M-I-L from Jones Wear.   Really nice quality, but I don’t wear white.

I cut the sweater down the center to make a cardigan, sewed some white lace around the edges and then threw it in the dye bath with that other shirt.  It turned out only mildly splotchy, thank God for small favors.   The white lace didn’t soak in the dye as much as the sweater, so they are in the same color family.

This one’s a keeper!  



1 comment:

mom said...

WOW....this is really nice! and I'm thinking this green is your new favorite color.


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