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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Flowered cardigan


This light purple “boyfriend” cardigan was given to me.

It was nothing special so I hot glued a bunch of flowers to one side with pretty beads in the center, The idea of hot glue gun on clothing makes me cringe, and it’s sorta a crazy way of refashioning something.   However, I was super impressed with how the girls flowery dresses held up in the wash.


I expected these funny little dresses to be worn to a tea party once, and that everything would fall off in the washer/ drier.  Much to my surprise and the girls delight, those glued on flowers and beads stayed put over and over and over and over and over and over in the wash.

I’m not confident that I’ll wear this often, but it was a good creative exercise anyway.


P.S.  I didn’t paint a wall that insanely vivid green color.  It’s is a green screen that Brian has set up in the basement for when he video tapes for his blog, Tech Vines.


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mom said...

although that I wouldn't put it past you to use that green color...just look at the piano


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