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Monday, April 30, 2012

Things heard around my house: April 2012

“I’m making spaghetti with Daddy’s ties!”  Kaylee explained when I asked about the basket filled with Brian’s ties.    (At least someone found a use for those things! )


“When I grow up I want to live near you so I can visit you every day.”  Kaylee shared with me one night  before bed.  (This is the kind of thing I need to have in writing, so here it is!)IMG_0602

“YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED!!!”  Joshua shouted as he chased Kaylee around the house.   (Brian’s been watching Star Trek episodes on Netflix lately)


Brian:  Do you know where I work?

Joshua : Of course!  RIT!

Brian:  Do you know what I do at RIT?

Joshua:  Yes.  You teach sign language.

Brian:  Not exactly.  I teach other people how to build computers and write programs to run on computers.

Joshua: oh!  (surprised that his dad is so awesome)

(BTW, that awesome guy got tenure at RIT last month!)012

Gracie (2.5 yr) “I miss my sister!”  when I dropped Kaylee off for a play date.  Two seconds later she was fast asleep.009

We were having Easter dinner at my dad’s house when I started to feel very….uncomfortable and out of place.  I went to the bathroom to inspect my wardrobe situation.

“Did you unhook my bra?” I hissed in sign language to Brian, when I rejoined the family.

“No!”  He replied, surprised at the accusation.  “Believe me, I wish I had known that was going on!”WP_000441

“Mama, please take the wrapper off.”  Grace said, handing me an apple.  

Joshua: 6.5 years old

Kaylee 4.75 years old

Grace 2.5 years old



Traci Michele said...

Love them all! <3 lol

Shannon said...

Love it!!!

Neabear said...

Fun comments from your family. I think it is cool that you record the things the kids say. I wish now that I had written more things down when my kids were growing up. That was pre-computer days. Or at least pre-having a computer in the house to do such things. I wrote in notebooks sometimes.



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