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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Painting with kids

I love projects.

I love my kids.

I keep on trying to mix the two.


I bought a $20 pine shelf from Craig's List for the new playroom.   The girls wanted to help me and it’s for them, so I said “sure”.  (with a big sigh)  They put on junky clothes and I gave them the smallest paintbrushes I could find.


They had a great time and worked well together.


All those drips and swirls were a little scary to see, but the girls lost interest after twenty minutes or so and I was able to do some “touch-up” work.


I’m hoping they will feel proud that they helped take an ugly $20 shelf into something they play with every day.  Because I sure do!

Here’s a sneak peak where it ended up:



1 comment:

mom said...

oh my painted the room purple.....I love it!!!!


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