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Monday, January 23, 2012

no more wings

"My shirt has WINGS on the sleeves!!!!   Think you can do anything about that?"  a co-worker asked me.
I guess I'm starting to get a reputation for alterations.   (I personally would call them HACK JOBS, but whatever.)

I tried on the shirt myself, and yup...the sleeves were wing-y.  
2 quick snips, 2 quick seams and it's done.

The note says,

"I think the shirt will fit better now that I cut off the wings!"  
And I taped the extra fabric onto the note just...because.

I'm always amazed that the smallest tweaks can make such a difference in clothing.   :)


Neabear said...

Nice to be able to do a quick fix. I have done fix it stuff for people at work too. Like mending a ripped sleeve, shortening pants, etc.

Fun huh? Well....not really, but it is very much appreciated by those I do it for.


mom said...

hack don't gie yourself enough credit..


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