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Friday, November 18, 2011

Pumpkins and Piano

pumpkin made from a sweaterWhen I pulled out my Tupperware bin of Fall decorations, I found an orange sweater.   It had been my Aunt Cathy’s, who passed it to my mom, who asked if I wanted it.  “Sure!!!  I could make it into a pillow cover or something!!”, I said.   The “Or Something” turned out to be pumpkin softies.    I made 2 from the body of the sweater and 2 baby pumpkins from the sleeves.pumpkin made from a sweaterI wanted to use real pumpkin stems, so I asked my neighbor and my sitter if I could have their stems before they threw them out.   Both of them thought I was crazy, but were happy to donate to my creative endeavors.  (Thanks Julie and Stephanie!)  The stems are hot glued on, and I think it’s an interesting combination of textures.

painted piano

And……I painted the piano green….totally on a whim one lazy weekend.  Brian was out, the kids were resting and I had an itch to change things up.    I grabbed some paint that was intended for another project and dug in.   I’m in love with that shade of green combined with blue.  I was wondering what Brian would say, but he hardly noticed.    I had to directly ask, “DID YOU SEE WHAT I’M WORKING ON OVER THERE?”.    “Hmmmm.  That’s an interesting project”, he responded.     LOL.   I love that he doesn’t really care either way if I do something really unusual in our house….it gives me freedom to play around with different ideas.  My mom, who passed the piano down to me, laughed hysterically when I showed her what I had done.  ( I’m pretty sure my dad is NOT going to be a fan of this though)


This is the pumpkin that Kaylee girl brought home from pre-school.  It’s a fabric wrapped roll of toilet paper.   I squealed when I saw it!   What a great craft for 4 year olds!

painted piano

Any thoughts about my green piano?   I like it.  I like the pop of color, but I admit it’s a bit strange….and at some point I may re-paint it white or cream.



mom said...

I am still laughing hysterically and shaking my head that you painted the piano green. Your cool pumpkins look great on it! by the way...Here's my thinking..once you've gotten past the part of 'painting' a piano....if you get tired of this color...well what's stopping you from trying another color.....seriously, nothing stops YOU from striking out with a creative idea!!!

Neabear said...

Don't think I would ever paint my piano. But I love how yours turned out! And those pumpkins are adorable! Great way to repurpose something!


A. Cathy said...

Amy, you are sooo funny! A Green Piano, who a thunk?! Looks great!


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