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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Apple picking 2011





Warm sweaters.

Bright red apples.

Hay rides and mud.


Honestly, it was AWEFUL getting everyone dressed, fed, and out the door on a weekend morning to go apple picking.   There was a point where“maybe we should just stay home instead of going out to have fun” crossed my mind.  I’m not sure if I said it out loud, or just in my head.   There was fighting, crying and whining….I put my hands over my ears during the car ride and told Brian he should turn his hearing aids off.


But then we pulled into Whittier Fruit Farm, where I’ve picked apples every single year of my life.

My face broke out into a huge smile.

Fresh air, green trees, red apples.

The sunshine broke through after a weeks worth of rain.

Even the kids couldn’t resist smiling.IMG_8509

Now that’s the kind of face I want to see!


A change of scenery….

A mission to pick the best apples on the trees….

A huge orchard to explore…IMG_8571

Cinnamon doughnuts to refuel from our picking adventure.



And here’s the face behind all the pictures!  I love that he is willing to capture the little moments for me.



Neabear said...

Now aren't you glad you didn't listen those thoughts and went after all?!? So glad you had a wonderful day after all. And your wonderful Hubby is a great photographer!

Tell him I wouldn't be surprised if he turned his hearing aids down or off. I might have done the same. I frequently take mine when I get home from work. Had enough of noise by that time usually.

Love the pictures!


Sara said...

What a beautiful day! I am bummed we didn't get to go together this year... silly rain! You went on the 23rd right? It was our anniversary and the first gorgeous day in weeks. I think it's so special that you return to the same orchard every year & now the kids will have those memories too.


Made by Brian Trager