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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Thrifted art

I have a new obsession:scouring estate sales for fun stuff.   I’ve been to about 5 or 6 different sales and I’m always checking to see if there will be new listings.  It’s really quite exciting to me and I wish I was at one today.

One weekend, my girlfriend set up an estate sale hopping day.   I brought my mom and Kaylee along for the fun.   We met at Simple Crepes to fuel up for the afternoon, then headed off to several estates.

The first one was very interesting because it was the exact house plan of the house I grew up in:  2 Gateway Dr.   It was eerie to see the details at this house and have childhood memories attached to them.  (The curved wall in the living room, the laundry chute, the stone tiles in the foyer)


Anyway, the man who lived here had been an artist and there were several canvases for sale.   I got this huge one for $3.50.   CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP for a canvas this size!  My first thought was to cover it with fabric to make a headboard like I did in my bedroom, or prime the canvas white and let my kids paint over it.

But, when I got it home, I realized that the colors were CRA-zy and I sorta liked it!   I put it up in Joshua’s room to add some color and balance out his Lego-Batman bedding.  For now it stays…..


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