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Friday, December 31, 2010

Things heard around my house: December 2010

During quiet time I heard a door slam then, “Kaylee, I’ll be nice to you now!” 
Joshua: "It's snowing out! There are so many things I love to do outside in the snow, like making snow angels, making snowmen and snuggling with you in the snow." 

Me: "No way!  I'm not snuggling in the snow!"

”Mom, is this green stuff on the pizza grass?”  Joshua


K:  What is one million plus two dogs?
J: 3?
K: No. Try again.
J: 2?
K: Nope. Try again.
J: I give up.
K: You can’t give up!  You have to guess 3 times!
J: Ok, fine.  zero?
K:  YES!
J: ok, but just so you know, plus means the number goes up and minus means the number goes down.
Joshua:  "I love you more than 50,000 elephants."
Kaylee: “These are the yummiest brownies I’ve never had!”  She pointed to them, but didn’t ask to try them.
Joshua:  "Hey!  Did everyone snuggle mom today?"

Brian:  Joshua, is there anything you’d really like for Christmas?  
Joshua:  Yes.  An i-pod.
Brian:  You are too young for an i-pod, and I have to tell you about our family rule:  Tragers do not buy Apple products.   If you really want one, someday you can buy one with your own money.
Later that day…..Joshua explained to Kaylee that apples make ipods. 
She asked, “What do grapes make, then?”     Smile


Joshua to me:  “I love you more than 10 million giraffes.  That’s enough to go around the earth and all the 9 other planets too!”


Christine said...

As always, excellent! It's nice that J keeps everyone accountable on the "snuggle mom" thing-lol!

Anonymous said...

So cute! My hubby *still* refers to green bits on his food as 'grass'!

Happy New Year! xx

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for Joshua to be at a stage where he can argue the technical merits of having things like I-Pods! Should make some pretty interesting discussions in the not too distant future. Maybe next year... =)

Julie said...

These made me laugh, so cute! I love your kids!


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