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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Things heard around my house: November 2010

Me:  Carrots make you strong!

Kaylee:  Carrots make me sick.


I explained to Joshua that my Grandpa had passed away and I was going away for a few days to say goodbye to him.

“Are you going up to heaven?” he asked.


Grammy:  Did you take care of Daddy while your mom was away?

Joshua: No.

Grammy:  Well, who took care of you all?

Joshua:  God took care of us.


“Can I sleep in your room?”  Kaylee asks almost every night.  She falls asleep in our bed and we move her before we sleep.


“AH!  MAMA!”  Gracie says when I walk in the door.  (13 months old)


“NO NO NO”  Gracie


Kaylee:  “What’s this silly underwear?”

Me:  “oh. um…. that’s called a thong.”

Kaylee:  “Why is there no place for your bottom?”

Me:  “Because they are silly.  Give that back to me.”


I had a bad dream about my Sponge Bob Colgate toothpaste.   -Joshua



Colleen said...

lol too funny! love them all!

mom said...

oh gosh these are funny!!!

carole said...

"Give that back to me!"
So funny!
I love it.

Anonymous said...

So CUTE!!!


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