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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Reminders around my house

I’ve been taping things up around my house.  It all started with “Keep calm and Sing a Song.”   I taped this up near our back door and it is helpful on crazy mornings when we are all trying to get out of the house, and everyone’s mouth is open crying, yelling or whining.   I catch a glimpse of this paper and belt out something….anything…and at least a few of the mouths will close and listen to the song.
Then I made a list of things I wanted to happen at dinner time.
The kids helped me make the list and pick out the colors to print.  We refer to this sheet every day, especially for "no complaints" and "use sign language".
Since that worked out so good, I made another one for bedtime routine.  This has helped Joshua immensely.  He goes right down the list and I don’t have to ask “Did you brush your teeth?” 12 times a night.   Just 5, for Kaylee who can’t read yet.  Maybe I should add pictures.

After reading Kimba’s sweet post, I printed out one more reminder for me.
“Yes, it matters.”  
my tone of voice,
my effort to put something healthy on the table for the kids to eat,
the time I spend cleaning up the kitchen again,
the diaper changing,
the laundry…..

I strategically placed it on the snacks cupboard, so it also reminds me that "YES, ALL THOSE SNACKS MATTER" 

These reminders are taped up with packaging tape.  It’s tacky.  It' doesn’t really help my homes décor, but it sure makes a difference everyday. Maybe someday they will get framed and hung.  Or I’ll just revise them as needed and slap up some new tape.

1 comment:

Christine said...

I really love this idea...I know a person or two (or five) who could use a few of these little reminders around...


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