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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Things Heard around my house: October 2010

Kaylee:  I smell a stinky skunk!
Joshua:  No, you smell daddy.

“When I’m all done being 3, then I’m going to be 4.
When I’m all done being 4, then I’ll be 5.
Then I’ll be the same age as Joshua!”
-Kaylee Anna

“I bet you wish we had bought the king sized bed”, I told Brian one Saturday morning at 6:30AM when all three kids and 2 cats joined us in bed.

Joshua:  “Kaylee!  If you don’t give me that right away, I won’t let you borrow one of my books!   Do you want to borrow one of my books?

Joshua:  “Can I call Grammy right now?”
Me:  “Sorry.  Grammy is sleeping now”   (8 hour time zone difference)
Joshua:  “Does Grammy live on another planet?

I nervously asked Joshua, “Were you just singing Wayne’s World, Wayne’s World? “    
He laughed and said no, “Grey squirrel, grey squirrel.”   

Kaylee:  I want to ride the bus too!
Me:  You can ride the bus when you are 5.
(Repeat this conversation 3 or 4 times a day, since the first day of school.  You do the math.)

“She looks just like you at that age!”  My mom says about Gracie every time we Skype.   And she really does…I’ll scan a picture soon.


Neabear said...

Too cute! Kids can say the darndest things as you are finding out these days. Fun that you are writing/typing them. I find myself wishing I can remember more of what the kids said when they were young.


mom said...

I look forward to these posts every month!....I can just hear their little voices...loving you all so much.........


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