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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Things heard around my house: September 2010

“I love you more than 1,400 hyenas.”  Joshua, to me.

“I have so much love to give Grace.  I have 1000 pieces of love in my heart for her.  I have 1000 for Kaylee and mommy and daddy.  I have 5,000 pieces of love in my heart for my family.”  Joshua, during one early morning snuggle time.

“kitty”  Gracie’s first word

“I’m so mad!  I’m going to sit here for 11 weeks!”  Kaylee.  (It was more like 11 seconds though)

Joshua:  Does God know sign language?
Brian:  Yes!  He’s very good at it too.

Joshua:  Kaylee, do you love me when I’m bad to you?
Kaylee:  No.
Joshua:  Do you mean you don’t love me if I’m mean?
Kaylee:  No.   Hey!  I see an animal cracker on the ground!!!
They both run over to inspect it, and the serious conversation is forgotten.

Me:  Kaylee, did you like your first day of pre-school?
K:  Yes, but I miss my special friends.
Me:  What are their names?
K:  I don’t know.

“Hey!  It’s a dime to 8.”  Joshua, at 7:50AM

Me:  Look outside!  The leaves are falling!
Kaylee:  It looks like snow leaves.

“I can’t wait to marry Sara.”  Kaylee, after trying on her gorgeous dress for the wedding next month.

On the way to the bus stop:
Me:  I love you Joshua!
J:  Well, I love Julia.  (little girl down the street)
Me:  (SCREAM)  WHAT???????????
J:  I mean, I love you and Julia.


Shannon@ The New Normal Life said...

you are going to love having these recorded to memories... I wish I was this good!! How do you do it????

Amy Jo @ The Little Moments said...

I start a post at the beginning of the month, and then add to it as I hear/ remember funny things. Seems to work for me, somehow!

mom said...

Oh how I love these....i just hear their little voices saying these you all....

Sara said...

these are my favorite posts... i look forward to them every month and then read it aloud to anyone in the room!

Sara said...

p.s. u cant wait to marry kaylee too


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