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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sexy bottles

I love these bottles! They held mangosteen juice, a "magical" health drink that cures all kinds of ailments. One of my friends orders them by the case from Asia somewhere. She drinks a bottle a week. I tried some of the juice but fell in love with the bottle more than the stuff inside. I asked her to start saving them for me and I now have a total of 7!

I cleaned them up, tore off the adhesive label from 3 of them(which was a ridiculously HARD to do)

If it was spray paint weather, I'd be spraying a few of them.

I really have no plans, but I just like them.

What would you do with 7 sexy, empty bottles?


1 comment:

crmeyer said...

I like them! They are so different..hmmm, what to do with them, perhaps collect a few more to share with your friend next door ;)!!


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