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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

dimmer lights

Days and weeks have been passing by without any interesting projects at my house. Unless you count taking care of 3 little rascals... that gets pretty interesting sometimes.

But there's nothing like a quick fix to make me feel like a home decorating super hero.
I bought 4 dimmers from Lowes and installed them in all of the bedrooms. I followed Thrifty Decor Chick's tutorial and had them done in no time at all. It was tricky working during the daylight and in between nap times, but so AWESOME to accomplish something besides the laundry.

I use the dimmers as nightlights. The kids can't rip them out of the outlets, which is much, much safer. It's great in the baby's room at night too!



Anonymous said...

i am so with you! when we moved in we installed dimmers all over...I am a light phobic according to my hubby....but i just prefer lights to not be too bright..just don't work with those halogens =(

Marlene said...

We've done the same in the children's rooms, and it works extremely well! I certainly can't say that _I_ installed them, though! Good for you, Amy!


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