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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Saving money

You know what this means, right? We're creatively trying to save money. The hair cutting kit cost $30 from Walmart, so we're now at the break even point. Any future haircuts will be pure savings.
Not too bad, huh? This was a stretch for me to embrace a new role as family hairdresser. I tried 9 years ago to cut Brian's hair and it was a dismal failure. I remember saying that it was worth every penny to pay a professional. But now there are two heads that need regular attention. We'll see how long this lasts....
Are you doing anything out of your comfort zone to save a few bucks?


Shannon said...

I love it!! Joshua's hair looks fantastic!! Jackson's is way to thin for me to buz and it look cute!! Im trying to save penny's by doing the DAve Ramsey envelope system.. it is working kind of! The other thing Im doing is trying Criags list for selling a few things.. I got the photos taken now I need to post:)

Sara said...

They look great! (I LOVE the new pic of Gracie too- soo cute!)

Anonymous said...

It will soon be second nature to do it yourself... well that's what I've found anyway! My hubby used to moan more about going to the barber than going to the dentist! Then he decided to take up cycling again and I wanted to restyle his hair so he wouldn't get 'helmet hair' (plus it was time for a rethink on the centre part!) so I got brave... and I've never looked back since.

Just don't attempt it too early in the morning, before your eyes are properly open... my friend did this and mistook the #1 setting for the #7. She whizzed the clippers down the centre of her husband's head then realised he was going to be pretty much bald for a few weeks!!!

crmeyer said...

They look really great, I am very proud of you! It does get easier each time you cut. Plus,it makes me feel like I've earned the trip to the professional for my do!

Ronda said...

Great job!
As far as saving money, I use coupons for everything. I also stock up on things that we use when they're on sale, to save money in the long run. I often come home from the store with 14 boxes of cereal!

Lindsey said...

Great Job Amy Jo- Your boys looks handsome with their "FREE" cuts!

I saw a comment about Dave Ramsey- we have been on board with him since Michael was born and it's been so helpful! Keeps us accountable and also working on saving/financial goals TOGETHER!

Our new thing we are doing will be to have NO SPENDING DAYS. I easily have them a couple days a week anyway, (pretty much just shop on preschool mornings!!) but want it to become more of a deliberate choice for Steve and I. Trying to just use and enjoy the things we ALREADY have. Clothing, games, toys, food, etc.

So our goal for this month is to have 15 NO spending days. But I'd like to get it up to 20 in another month.


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