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Sunday, January 3, 2010

J is for Joseph



Joshua’s first stage performance went well.  He has the part of Joseph, which was super exciting.   No one had any lines to speak, in fact there were only 3 songs in total.


Joshua spotted me and Brian before the show started, and joined in with every other pre-school kid calling out to their loved ones.  However, he didn’t spot Kaylee till the last song.  While the other 30 kids sang “3 Wise Men” to the tune of “3 Bind Mice”, he yelled out “Kaylee, Kaylee!  I’m up here!  C’mon up here with me!”  

He was louder than the other 30 kids singing.

She took off running down the aisle and up the stairs before I caught her.

Neither one of them understood why they couldn’t be together…



ryleeandnoahsmom said...

That is sooo funny! I bet more people enjoyed him yelling for his sister than they did the singing! So precious.

Marlene said...

I am so clueless! I didn't see or hear any of that. (Of course, being deaf is probably part of that) I did notice that Joshua was very interested in his family! Very precious.


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