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Monday, January 4, 2010

A baby brother


This sweet little boy said to me recently, “Mom! Your tummy is getting bigger and BIGGER and BIGGER!”

“It is not!”, I said indignantly. “It’s getting smaller and smaller and smaller!” (I’m a little sensitive about my tummy right now.)

“Yes, mom. It’s getting bigger and bigger with my baby brother inside!”

I'm not ready to have this conversation yet…



Anonymous said...

I'm sure you're hoping he's not prophetic ;-) Love your stories Aim! ~Erin

ryleeandnoahsmom said...

My Noah did the same thing to me after Gracie was born. He would say, "look, its getting bigger and must have another baby growing in there!" And, just like you I was more than a bit self conscious about my ever so slowly shrinking tummy. So glad he has not said that again. I guess he knows better!

A 4th would be awesome, just maybe not right this minute, right!?

Marlene said...

Hahahaha! That gave me a good laugh. :D Goes to show, though that he has a heart for siblings!

ookamama said...

Well... I think you look great and are doing an awesome job exercizing ( cant spell that right now) Good JOb Ame, and miss you guys already !

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

At least he said it to YOU and not the lady in front of you at the grocery store....not that any of mine would EVER do that ;)


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