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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Yup. It's still empty. 8 days past the estimated due date. There is an end in sight: Oct 19th they'll hook me up to drugs to induce labor. That is not part of my birth plan, but isn't that the way things usually go?

I've been out of work for the past week, which makes every day seem like that movie "Groundhog's Day". I wake up, still pregnant and huge, have very little to do and it's gloomy and grey outside. My mom came up last week, which has been great company for me and the kids. She's helping with dinners, laundry, crafts and reading books. Something about her presence makes me chill out and slow down. I suppose if she's doing the cleaning and cooking, I feel guilty pulling out the paint rollers and heavy duty projects.

We finished up the baby's quilt and it turned out so cute! All the hearts are from scraps of Kaylee's clothing or fabric from my stash. They are sewn onto squares of thin, white corduroy fabric that I got at a garage sale over the summer. The backing is fabulous, luxurious white "mink" or something, with pink satin binding. I'm happy at all the textures and colors, and of course at using up scraps.



Anonymous said...

The quilt is so sweet, I hope it's not too long before its owner puts in an appearance! I hope you're not too uncomfortable, try to rest as much as you can before it all kicks off! You still have a few days to get started without the drugs, just think, it could be tonight!

Traci Michele said...

The quilt is beautiful and I'm feeling your pain... I hope and pray it is soon for you!

When I saw the car seat I was hopeful!! You tricked me!

Love you,

ryleeandnoahsmom said...

The quilt is sooo stinking cute! You did an awesome job! The poor, pink carseat looks very forlorn and empty, doesn't it? I'm hoping you are able to fill it soon, friend!

fawndear said...

Beautiful quilt.
Okay honey - fine some really good comedies to watch. The kind that make you laugh so hard it hurts. If that doesn't do the trick then hopefully they will perk up your spirits a wee bit. Hang in there. Hugs! (From a six-time - always over-due mom)

Marlene said...



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