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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I know it was wishful thinking that this baby might come early. Wishful, Wishful. Doesn't every woman hope for sooner than later? The longer she waits, the more things I get done around the house. Nothing is getting done very fast, but I was surprised to have:

Completed the bedroom curtains
Made a dust ruffle for master bed
Decorated for Fall
Set up worm composting
Rearranged the living room
Cleaned the basement

Things that don't really need to be done, but I might as well do:

Print out the iron on transfers for baby onsies, month 3-9
Spray paint shelf black
Paint nightstands
Install moulding around headboard
Steam clean all carpets
Keep on scrap booking
Paint the master bedroom and bath. ha.

It's my last day of work!!! Baby's due tomorrow, Oct 7th.



Traci Michele said...

OH Amy! I hear ya sister!

I always tell myself "don't wish the baby would come early" but every time (well 2 times) I always can't wait for the baby to get out of me!

Stay busy girlfriend, but rest rest rest when you can. Remember, you will have to be up with the newbie Trager soon enough :-)

Praying for a safe and healthy delivery!


ookamama said...

u are AMAZING !

Kristin said...

I was quite the opposite, but from my very unofficial poll, I know I am in the minority. I wanted as long as possible to remain pregnant. I was terrified of the things I couldn't control, and I felt with both babies that they were safer inside than outside. Silly, huh?

I am waiting anxiously and hope you know that you are in my thoughts!!! Can't wait to see the sweet newborn! xoxo

Lisa said...

Hurry up, Baby!

Can't wait to see the onsie iron on transfers.


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