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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hospital bag

Here's what I'm packing:

birth plan paper  
sports bra
flip flops
nursing bra/ breast pads/ nipple cream
outfit for me
outfit for baby
receiving blanket
cash for parking
snacks for Brian

pad of paper and pen

Grab at the last minute:

Camera, charger, battery
Zune with earplugs
cell phone, charger,
bathroom stuff

Am I missing anything?



Anonymous said...

Don't forget lipbalm! All that breathing really dries out your lips!

carole said...

A couple of snacks - maybe trail mix/energy bar - juice/drinks (for you and/or Brian (don't forget Brian!). They could come in handy during or after.

Ronda said...

are you planning on using a birthing ball? What about a boppy...although they will usually bring you as many pillows as you request.

Anonymous said...

Bring some sugar-free hard candy. If you can't eat, they are great to suck on and the sugar candy can make you more thirsty. The sugar-free stuff works great. Can't wait to hear your story!!! ~Erin

Marlene said...

A book to read on the off chance that you have some down time?

Donna said...

I love seeing your list and comparing it to what's in my suitcase. You thought of some things I didn't...I don't know if I had anything you don't have. Oh, some massage stuff - a tennis ball, massage oil, lavendar mist.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a change of clothes for Brian? Peter barely escaped me being sick all over him last time.

Lipstick!!! For those pale, oh so lovely "after" shots. If you mind. I don't mind looking haggard after... we earn it!


Marlene said...

A change of clothes for the husband is brilliant! Lipstick is pretty smart, too . .


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