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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Flying capes

Start off with a pile of old tee shirts. I have a secret to tell: when we moved out of our first apartment 6 years ago, I packed up two boxes of Brian's tee shirts. I felt like he really only needed one box (about 45 shirts) so I never opened up the other one. And guess what? He's never run out of junky tee shirts in all these years. Imagine that! Of course I never threw them away, and A GOOD THING TOO since they are now materials for my projects.

I cut off the arms and the back of the shirt, leaving just a cape like shape and the neck band.
Then put each kid's inital on the back using that iron on glue stuff. I had to be creative to cover up some small logos on some of them. I made 5 of them in total, for my niece to take back to her siblings.

Kaylee's turned out the best, I think.

Bre worked really hard on her's and actually wore it out to the store that night.



Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

What a great idea! My youngest loves to dress up and loves capes...I'm thinking I could make these as favors for his friends and next year's birthday party....

nap time journal said...

You mean my husband is not the only one to own that many t-shirts!!?? haha

Great idea and so fun for the kidoes, thanks for sharing :)


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