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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Craig's list to the rescue

Craig's List. A beautiful thing. I've bought my fair share of things off Craig's List and sold a few pieces of furniture I didn't need any longer. I've spent more hours at work than I want to admit "browsing" through junk.

But this beats all: I got people to dig out the white rocks in my front walkway. FREE LABOR in exchange for all the dirty white rocks they wanted.

I'm more of a flower bed person than a rock bed, so this spring I spent hours with the kids digging rocks outof the front and moving them into a little spot in the backyard. It was slow going with my preggers belly and the kids didn't really understand my goal. I'd fill up a bucket and they would dump it right back in the same place. Eventually, I got tired of this and in a fit of brilliance decided to post on CL:
Free rocks-You dig them out.

I had 11 responses in 3 hours. I took that post down as quick as I could and scheduled people to come get some rocks. It took a couple weeks, but all the rocks are gone and now I'm ready to plant something with leaves and flowers. Surprisingly, Brian has an opinion about what should go in there. And it's not the same opinion that I have. Any suggestions? I know it's late in the season to put flowers in, and my belly is just getting bigger by the day....



Anonymous said...

That is INGENIOUS!!! What a brilliant idea! Wonder if I can get people to move me for free in exchange for the furniture I don't need anymore ;-) ~Erin

Marlene said...

Ha! I enjoyed the flowers at your house today and didn't even realize that there were rocks there before. Shows you how observant I am! So whose idea did you end up going with?


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