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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A free kid's chair

This is where I found my inspiration to fix up this sad little chair.

My next door neighbor put this cute little chair out to the curb on garbage night. I inquired about it and he was happy to give it to me. It's a heavy maple chair, that needed some wood glue for the crack down the middle, some sanding and paint. Well, I'm sure it *should* have been sanded but I got bored and dirty after 5 minutes and decided that was good enough.

I have an insane amount of stickers from 4 years ago when I sold Creative memories. Quite possibly more than I'll use in my lifetime, considering that my scrap booking has alarming slowed down.

Is this the scariest thing you've ever seen? I stuck letters and numbers all over the chair. The kids names and a few other words are stuck on there. It looks pretty awful at this point, doesn't it? Double scary with the 2 different colored stickers.

I sprayed it with some flat paint from Walmart. Stupid, cheap spray paint. Then finished it off with some good ole Rustoleum flat white paint. It's perfect in our mudroom for the kids to perch on while putting shoes on.

However, the stickers started to peel off, even without any help from the kids. And the stickers really didn't show up at all unless you squinted and got really close. Maybe I should have used semi-gloss paint.... I took a few stickers off and realized it looked pretty cool!
I was going through a little Beetle's stage and put "All you need is LOVE" around the edge of the chair. Joshua reads it off all day long and I like to be reminded of that.

When I pull the stickers off, the original wood shows through. Probably should have sanded that baby down a little bit better. Too late now!

Chair: free
Stickers: free
Spray paint #1: $.99
Spray paint #2: $3.50

Total cost $4.49
Time it sat in my garage: 2 months
It's not like an heirloom or anything, but it's not sitting in a landfill either.


The DIY Show Off said...

I think you did a fabulous job - I love the contrast of the stickers on white! (Mine were canvas, so there was more texture.) Great job - I LOVE it! (and I'm flattered that I provided someone somewhere with a little inspiration! Hurray!)


Nicole @ BugaBoos said...

Very cool, love it! I like it with the stickers peeled off, so neat!

Sara said...

I love happy accidents! Looks cool.


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