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Thursday, May 7, 2009

T-shirt to leggings

I love when Kaylee wears little leggings under skirts and dresses! She's grown so fast and needs some new ones for this spring. I took one of Brian's old t-shirts and turned them into leggings! I started out with a baby pattern that said "EASY".

Then I compared it to a pair of pink leggings that still fit. WHOA! I cut off a few more inches from the sides before adding the elastic. With some lace on the bottom of the leggings..... Totally cute!

She's a busy little girl and they already have grass stains. But I spent 0$ and 30 minutes, so who cares?



Anonymous said...

nice job Amy Jo!!!

ookamama said...

wow, those are great .

Kristin said...

Too cute!!! And really...only thirty minutes?!? Impressive!


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