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Friday, May 8, 2009

Maternity adjustments

Is is just me, or do maternity clothes STINK? Almost everyday I'm at my sewing machine trying to adjust something. Every shirt and dress is too low cut for me. I've got enough curves and bulges going on without having to worry about cleavage showing too. I added some pretty fabric at the neckline and some matching trim on the sleeves. Not the greatest seamstress job, but at least I can bend over now and the dress feels a little more unique with the added fabric. (I got the dress for $3 on Craig's List!)



Ronda said...

I love it, and totally agree about the low cut business! I don't have nearly enough to hold things up on top, so this is a great idea.

Neabear said...

I don't like the low cut stuff either. I am kind of picky about stuff I wear and because of that, things can be hard to find.

Kristin said...

Seriously smart! Now where is our side shot of the baby bump?!? ;)

Suzie said...

very cute!! I should have given you my clothes to fix for me :-)


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