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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Seedling update

A few weeks ago I put some dirt in empty toilet paper rolls and added a seed. Guess what? It's working! The roots are starting to grow THROUGH the paper roll, which is a good sign. My garden may be tilled and ready for planting this weekend, so then I'll watch to see if the tubes actually decompose over the summer.

I saw another idea that sounded *CRAZY*: wet a cotton ball, stick a seed in it and tape it to a window. Guess what? It WORKS!!!! I have beans growing up my window and tiny little spinach sprouts too.

Can you see the little roots growing all over that cotton ball? Who knew you could grow a plant without dirt?


1 comment:

Marlene said...

Timmy's teacher wet a brown paper towel and put a seed in a baggie. That worked too! We need to plant the baby sunflower plant outside now!


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