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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More fabric snack bags

I sewed up some more sandwich and snack baggies. Some are for gifts, some are for my family. I decided to add some appliques to make them more interesting, now that I know I"ll use them daily.
Although I know plastic baggies can be washed out, I HATE WASHING THEM. I don't know what my problem is, but it must be psychological, or stem from my childhood. I distinctly remember one time my dad accidentally bought the snack size baggies, and thought they were too small for anything. Instead of throwing the whole box out, he slowly threw them away over the process of a couple weeks. He'd grab a sandwich baggie for his lunch, and grab 3 or 4 snack baggies and throw them in the trash. FOR REAL! Isn't that awful! When I noticed that, I snagged the box and kept them in my room for my little treasures. I've always loved baggies with the nice little closure along the top.

My fabric baggies seem to do the trick with the Velcro closure, and I like that my plastic consumption has gone way down when packing lunches.



Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Those are adorable! I love them! You could sell those on Etsy...

I love bags too! I even have a bag that I keep all my reusable shopping bags in...I have a problem, right?

Ronda said...

They are adorable and I'm seeing family Christmas gifts in your future! Your family who have kids would love to get them.


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