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Saturday, April 4, 2009


I was inspired by Mrs. Smith (love her stuff!!!) to give hair bows another try as a birthday present for Joshua's little friend.

I got these "accessories" from Target for a dollar each in the sticker aisle.

I layered the different flower shapes, then stuck a brad through the middle to hold them all together. This part was pretty fun.

I pulled out the 75 hair clips that I have left over from last summer's hair bow endeavor and covered a bunch with ribbon and hot glue. This part: not as fun.

Glued the flower thing onto the barrettes, then pulled out some card stock to make a barrette holder. Isn't that a great idea? Mrs. Smith, again. I probably would have just thrown them into the bottom of the gift bag or something.

I'm not convinced that I saved much time or money by making these instead of buying them, but it was fun to play around with.

1 comment:

Ronda said...

Maybe you didn't save time but you certainly made cuter hair bows that I've ever seen in the store! It's a one of a kind personal, home-made gift, and that's the best kind.


Made by Brian Trager