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Thursday, March 19, 2009

One of my girlfriends helped me re-arrange my living room last month. Oh how I love to have someone to confer with about my house. (and an extra set of arms to move furniture around) We fiddled around until the placement was ok, considering the limitations of the furniture I own. Then she said, "Aim, you really need some patterns in here!"

It's true. Everything I own is a solid color: pillows, blankets, couch, chairs EVERYTHING. I'm scared of prints and patterns because it feels like a commitment that I'm not sure I'll like. I think it stems from being an interpreter, which requires me to wear solid dark colors shirts everyday that I work. You'd think with those restrictions that I'd go crazy in my house....but I just can't.

I made a thingy-thing (as Joshua would say) out of 2 sheets of Styrofoam.
($8 for one 1x3 foot section-use a 40% off coupon!)

I hot glued them together, then attached different pieces of scrapbook papers using spray adhesive. The paper is just barely hanging on there. I'm not sure what I could have used for a stronger hold... any ideas?

I like it!

I got a yard of fabric at Joann's for about $6 and covered two of my big couch pillows. It took me about 15 minutes to sew both. (I didn't wash the fabric or measure b/c who has time for that?) Stripes are different....and a step in the right direction, I guess!



Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Great changes! The stripe pattern and colors on the pillows is really pretty.
You've got me thinking...I could use a little makeover too.

Lindsey said...

Looks great!


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