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Monday, February 2, 2009

And now I'm sewing for dogs....

Can you guess what this is?

I think it is so funny that people come to me with their projects. Did you know that I altered my cousin's wedding dress over the summer? I bauked at that one big time, but it worked out fine. She actually said these words to me: "It doesn't really matter if you mess up. You'll do better than I ever could and I'm sure it will be fine. I'm only wearing it a few hours anyway." That cracked me up, and I went to town on her beautiful gown. (P.S. she's having her second baby TODAY!!)

So back to the black velcro circles....
A friend from work was sure I could create something to keep socks on her dog's feet. Apparently the dog has allergies and scratches to the point of bleeding. She wanted something to cinch a sock over her front feet. OKAY.....???? I came up with velcro sewn onto a canvas strip, but the dog used her teeth to rip it off in 2.5 seconds. I'm out of ideas....



Neabear said...

You can attach the socks to a halter or something like a garter belt and have it go up over her shoulders. That would probably look pretty funny, but it might keep the socks on longer. :-)

beth at aunties said...

Poor doggie. Can’t the Vet give it some medicine. You are really creative! You are a good friend!
Oh....wait I read a comment about allergies and itching dogs today.. I am going to go find it for your friend.

Just have her cut and paste... Many offered advice of tried and true remedies:) ♥♥♥


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