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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kaylee Christmas dress

I love this dress and she only wore it once. I think I'll make her wear it again next Christmas.

She unwrapped all of her gifts (and mine) this way: one itty bitty piece at a time. No wonder we opened up presents for 3 hours on Christmas morning.



Kristin said...

Oh, that is a mighty sweet dress. Why not have her wear it all the time? I remember loving my wedding gown so much that I wanted to wear it every day. I did resist, though. But then again, I didn't look as cute as Kaylee. ;)

Neabear said...

Those are cute pictures. Reminds me of pictures I took of my daughter wearing dresses I made for her.

Anonymous said...

Dresses are great that way! It will look cute next year too!


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