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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Don't fold your laundry!

One of my friends was bemoaning the fact that she folds hundreds of items of clothing each week. I said, "Do you actually fold all of those little clothes?? I don't!" She asked me to explain, so here goes.

First, let the clean laundry pile up until a good show comes on TV and the kids are sleeping. I know, I know.. A rare combination. My guilty pleasure is American Idol. It's such a fluff show that I really can't justify watching it unless I'm multitasking.
I wash kids clothes in one load and adult clothes separately. I don't care about the colors, although I do try to keep whites separate. I do this to save on time when I'm putting the half folded clothes away.

Each of my kids have a 3 drawer dresser, so I make piles to match the drawers. I don't just toss the clothes in the drawers like my sister does. I saw her method while I was still pregnant with my first baby. I admit to being a little horrified as I watched her digging around for clothes. However, after I had my own kids I realized that I was basically using her method. Good idea Liz! It's a time saver, for sure.

I stack all the pants in one pile, all the shirts in one pile and the jammies/ undies/ socks in another pile. When I put the clothes away, they are in the right order and I just toss them gently in the drawer.

This is my method for dealing with hundreds of clothing items each week. Do you have any time saving tips?



ryleeandnoahsmom said...

So funny! I'm very glad I am not the only person who waits until there are, *ahem* "several" loads of laundry to fold...or a dozen, LOL! I'm guilty of having to toss a few things back into the dryer because they sat around so long they are too wrinkled to wear. Such is the life of a busy mom, right?

Most of our drawers have some semblance of order to them, except for the drawers under Noah's bed. Our cat seems to think that the area under the bed is its own personal bedroom, so she pulls the drawers open (not an easy feat as I stuff them full!), pulls all the clothes out then climbs through the empty drawer to her own personal hideout. When I find this, I literally stuff all the jumbled clothes back into the drawers, often numerous times a day, LOL!

Colleen said...

I still fold Olivia's clothes but I have a feeling that coming this next week I will be doing the same thing,with the new baby here and twice the clotes. Especially because by the end of the week I am usually refolding everything in her drawers since I have rummaged through them to find her something to wear!

carole said...

Thanks for the visual, Amy. It still involves a little folding ... not as crazy as it sounded to me when you were telling me about it a while ago. I may try to incorporate this into our set up ......

Anonymous said...

When my kids were little I started using this system: I bought a white hamper (with lid) for bleached items, black hamper for dark clothes, and green hamper (matched the room) for light clothes that weren't bleached. When it was full, I knew I had a full load for the washer. No sorting needed. It took a little time for the kids to get the hang of it, but saved lots of time in the end. I still use this system.


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