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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Shower curtains

These shower curtains were left in the house when we bought it. Aren't they cute? I don't have a shower for them to hang out in, so I tried to sell them on eBay. No takers, so now I'm trying to decide what else I could do with them. If I could pull the hook out of the flower, I'd have a lot more options.

I wonder if I could use the jig saw.....

What would you do with 12 purple flower shower curtain hooks?



Anonymous said...

Hmmmm could you use them in Kaylee's room to hang curtains? Otherwise I have no clue...can't wait to see what people come up with!

Melissa said...

yeah, I have no clue. I like the curtain idea though.

Neabear said...

Curtain idea sounds good. They are too pretty to toss out. Surely somehow one of us crafty ladies will come up with an idea. Right now my mind is blank. Sorry.

Kelly said...

You can make garland/swag then add those flowers to it. I think it would look really cute that way and then hang up in your little girls room....just an idea! :)

Amy Jo said...

Kelly, a garland is a GREAT idea! I may save them for that. However, I took another look at them the other day. The hooks are just glued on so I yanked them and wiggled them and they came off! No tools required! I do have a use for 6 of them, and will post when it's done... The other 6 will be saved for another project down the road.


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