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Friday, October 3, 2008

Joshua's Camping Book

Last May, my side of the family got together at a KOA in Ohio. That was the mid-point, since we were coming from NY, NC and Wisconsin. It was a wonderful weekend and the 3 cousins had a great time. But they are 3, and that weekend is long gone from their short term memories!

My mom made each boy a 8x8 book with photos from the weekend. There are probably 15 pages in total that read just like a story book. She customized each one, so that it says "Aunt Amy Jo" in Caiden's book, but "mommy" in Joshua's book. I bet that was hard to keep track of!

I love, love, love this idea! Joshua likes it too, because it's about him and his favorite people. What a great way to remember that weekend. I think she's started something, because they are going to want a new book next summer too!



Melissa said...

can i join your crafty family? You guys rock my socks!!!

I'm Just Me said...

what a beautiful book!


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