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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Good finds

Have you heard of Habitat for Humanity? Who hasn't, right... Did you know that most cities have a Habitat for Humanity "store"? Individuals and businesses can donate things and anyone can purchase from them. All proceeds support their main efforts. Rochester's Restore is downtown, on Culver Ave. I checked it out over the weekend while I was out that way (and without the kids!)

I saw some junky furniture, tons of doors and windows, paint, tiles and a random mix of stuff. All really cheap. I got some silver cabinet pulls for a dollar each. (I can't wait to switch them out with the gold ones in my master bath) ONE DOLLAR! I was hoping to find some light fixtures and faucet fixtures to replace the ones I don't like, but everything I saw there was worse than what I already have!

I'm sure the inventory changes week to week, just like any other consignment store. If you are feeling frugal and have time to browse, you might just save some money. I'm happy to have found another way to buy "used" instead of brand new. It's another form of recycling for me. I can't wait till I"m ready to make another trip down there to donate my gold sink faucet and gold light fixture!


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