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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Birthday Love

I was completely overwhelmed with thoughtful gestures on my birthday. Facebook, which I signed up for in a moment of boredom, allowed many friends to wish me a happy birthday. Is there a birthday reminder application or something I don't know about?

My best friend organized a girls dessert night to celebrate my 30th birthday and she presented me with a fabulous present. It was an album full of birthday letters from family and friends. I was absolutely giddy while flipping through it, exclaiming over different people's letters. After about a dozen or so, I was suddenly overwhelmed and burst into tears. Happy tears...

Secretly, Brian had been working his little tail off on a special present. I knew he was really excited about it, and I was expecting something that came with a manual and batteries. I can't even count how many electronics I've gotten over the years as gifts. This is what I got:

This is a cool electronical piece of equipment with a gazillion features. I think it has a battery and it definetly has a manual.

He made a 16 minute video clip for me to watch on this fancy pants machine! Similar to Donna's present, he asked friends from work and church to wish me a happy birthday. He compiled them all together, including clips of the kids and the cats. WOW! What a present! It meant a lot to me, knowing that he's never completed any video project before. The absolute best part came at the very end when he signed the words to our wedding song, "Love of my Life" by Jim Brickman. Knowing he took the time to memorize the words and put it into sign language is something I'll always cherish. (and probably watch over and over)



Amanda @ notsoextraordinary said...

aww... that is so sweet :) i am glad you had such a great birthday!

Melissa said...

Jim brickman love of my life is one of my favorite songs.

I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday.

And yes- facebook DOES tell you when its your birthday. Which is how i knew :)

Hope you had a good time with your mom and brother!

Kristin said...

Love, love, love, Jim Brickman and that song!!! I have seen him several times in concert. "Valentine" is one of our songs. :)

What sweet gifts from everyone! I am planning my own surprise this weekend for my husband...he is turning 40 (gasp!) soon. I'll let you know how it goes... :)

Little Sweethearts said...

Surely the Love of your Life in everyway... that's so sweet from him.



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