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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The begining of a good thing might not look all that good

Have you ever started a big project and wondered, "What have I done?"
This is our bed frame that I'm painting and then moving into the guest room. That first coat of paint always looks a bit shabby. It's such a permanent decision to to paint over gorgeous wood. I think it will end up being ok.

This is the last piece of furniture I'm going to paint.
I'm serious.
Except I really want to paint my piano BLACK.



Ronda said...

You are way braver than me!

aunties said...

Girl, you are brave! Yikes your piano!
I bet your bed turned out gorgeous and fun like you were sleeping in a new bed.

Joybells said...

I'm dying to see the 'After' photo... Did you finish it yet?


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