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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Totally brilliant leggings

Lisa's gorgeous baby was wearing little leggings this week. I wanted some for my baby too!
Yesterday, Kaylee was crawling around on the deck, on the grass, on everything. BARE LEGGED. I wouldn't want to do that, but she doesn't complain. In a flash of brilliance, I remembered that I had cut off Joshua's pajama legs and that they are shaped like leggings. Sorta. I had saved them for some unknown future use.

Now if only Joshua had some cute pink pj's that I could cut up to expand her legging accessories.



Melissa said...

what an awesome idea!!!! I LOVE IT!

dana said...

cute! you made your own "baby legs". I've always wanted to do that. Brilliant! Again, another refashion...I think you should take the pledge :)

Anonymous said...

Wow. I can't believe you kept them (the cut off part) around! So great that you did, what a perfect re-use!

Anonymous said...

That was me.

Lisa said...

My brilliant Blogging Friend! I'm so happy you have made your little one stylish AND you won't cut off her circulation like I did!


Colleen said...

You are too crafty...I would have definitley thrown the legs of the pjs away! I did buy 2 pair of baby legs from etsy (a lady makes them right in rochester)a while back for Olivia but haven't really used them yet...since she is so spoiled and refuses to crawl!


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