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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pants to Capris

After the kids went to bed tonight I decided to mess around with some pants. They are one of my favorite pairs, but I kneeled on something and it never came out in the wash. After wearing them to work at least 5 times and not realizing the stain was still there, I decided I need to either chop them up or get rid of them. I go to work with food and baby snot all over my shirts; I don't need a permanent stain on my pants too!
I hemmed them up with a three inch hem. That part looks good, but of course you can't see my fine handicraft in that picture. I decided to add some black ribbon to the bottoms. I wear a lot of black tops because it's such a strong color to contrast against my hands when I'm interpreting. While I was sewing it, I was giving myself a pat on the back for being so creative and making some unique Capri's. Now I'm not so sure. It's a funny length, isn't it? I'll give them a test run tomorrow as I'm doing errands with the kids.


dana said...

Great idea. I probably would have made them an inch shorter or a couple inches longer (but I guess that's where the stain was, right? :))
Fun to add a black accent. I never would have thought of that!

Anonymous said...

Good Idea....I agree shorter or longer...almost like Bermuda shorts now. I am not sure about the black ribbon it just draws the eye so much to that area. Let us know what you decide after your test run...

Ronda said...

My mom would call them Pedal Pushers, or crops. That is actually a length I have seen in the stores lately. I guess you are ahead of the fashion curve! Good for you.

Jenn said...

Hey Amy Jo,

You commented on my blog: and asked how I hung my square dealies. Well, that's the beauty of using styrofoam...I lined up where I wanted my square to go on the wall, push the back (the head) of the nail into my styro to make an indention, set the styro down, then hammered the nail into the spot I marked, picked the styro back up and voila!...the rest is history.
I don't recommend CUTTING your doesn't come out as clean as buying the squares in the size you want already made. I like the 12X12 because I think they look better than an 8X10 size. There you have it. Have a great day!


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