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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Out with the old, in with the new

Good-bye, my close companion, my little black purse. You tried your best to handle the daily stress of holding my wallet, pacifiers, snacks, and phone. You occasionally even tried to deal with the coupons and store receipts that were thrown your way. I know it was hard. You only had one tiny little pocket and so many demands. Although not beautiful, you are a classic. Black goes with everything! But there's always been that little pet peeve that got under my skin: you slip around on my shoulder.

Hello, you pretty little thing! With a gorgeous green print and embossed velvet flowers, you caught my attention and have gained a place close to Your 5 pockets can handle more than everything a mommy needs to carry. And you stay in place like a good purse should. Best of all, you were perfectly crafted by a dear friend.



Melissa said...


Who made it for you?

Traci said...

Love the way you wrote this blog post.... I was cracking up! It is so true.... when you can find cute and practical it is the way to go as a mommy!

Love the new purse! 5 pockets!! WOW! Who made it for you?



Made by Brian Trager