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Saturday, August 30, 2008

bench re-make

This wooden bench was a Christmas gift a couple years ago. My cousin Megan actually made this, as well as several others for all the little kids in the family. It's such a great gift! I really like it because:

1. It's personalized

2. It's hand crafted

3. It's not made of plastic

4. It's sturdy

It has moved all over the place, but it generally stays in the kids bathroom right between the white sink and the white toilet. I thought painting it white would make it blend in a little better.

Once it dried, I wrote "Joshua" over the lines Megan had originally burned on the wood. Then I realized that both kids will soon be using it, and I also didn't like the way the "S" turned out. I painted over the letters about 11 times with white paint. When Sharpie says permanent marker, they're not kidding around!
I used my paper cutter thing to punch out circles in blue and greens to match the new bathroom curtains. Joshua helped me place them on in a random fashion and we both "painted" the decoupage glue over the circles.

This project cost me nothing, since I had everything around the house. I love how it turned out, but I can imagine doing something different with it in a few years too. That's the beauty of a wood: it can be sanded down and painted over and over.



dana said...

That stool is really adorable! I love the decoupage idea. Brilliant! I'll remember this one in the future.

aunties said...

Amy Jo,
Cute make over!
Thanks For stopping by and visiting me. come abck anytime!

Joy said...

Amy Jo,
I'm sure you could use the liquid sander on your piano---unless your piano has a real high gloss finish to it. The liquid sander is also a deglosser and leaves your project feeling a little rough to the touch just like a light sanding. You can try it on your piano and then if you're feeling a bit unsure, just go over it lightly with sandpaper. That way you'll still cut down on the amount of dust. Good Luck!


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