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Friday, August 29, 2008

Bathroom curtains

Did you notice how high I hung the curtain rods? It's recommended by the Nester to place the rods 1/3 of the way down from the ceiling. The window treatment (or mistreatment) should really allow for the window to still be seen. It's more of an accent, then a cover up for the window. In my case, this is a small bathroom so placing the rods up high makes the window seem extra long and skinny and interesting.

I made these curtains during one nap time this week. I sewed 4 straight lines around all the edges to hem it up. Probably took about 8 minutes. I hung it on the rod and gathered up pleats in my hand. They are held in place with safety pins, and the glue gun made an appearance in a few spots too. The ribbon, also held in place with the glue gun, covered up the safety pins. I spent more time than I anticipated on gathering and fluffing it up. I might be lazy (hence the glue gun and safety pins) but at times I'm still a perfectionist. I finally had to give up and leave it alone when the kids woke up from the nap.

This was a really cheap window treatment! I bought 2 yards of this fabric from Hobby Lobby for $8. ( I probably only used about $3 worth of it though...I'm not good at estimating how much fabric I need for projects) The spool of ribbon was $2 and that's it! It makes me happy to make things really cheaply..I hope you don't mind.


1 comment:

dana said...

Adorable fabric. I've never heard of Hobby Lobby. I'll have to look online for a store!
I love that your curtain was basically effortless, inexpensive, and of course...cute.


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