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Sunday, July 13, 2008

My front porch

We live in a classic front entry colonial. It's lovely, really. And boring. Boring isn't always a bad thing. I finally broke away from my laminator machine long enough to give some attention to the front porch. It's not nearly as big or as beautiful as I'd like, and someday I hope to put a full length porch along the front. But for now I needed to spruce it up as cheap as possible. Notice the baby scooting off that sweet home make quilt and ignoring the basket of toys... the white rocks are so tasty that she just can't resist them.

Here is the after picture. I trimmed the shrubs. Brian said it looked like someone from Super Cuts gave them a haircut. Hey! It's not easy trimming big old shrubs! I found some hanging plants, a metal bistro chair for $10, a pillow from my basement that I wasn't using and my black milk can. Better, no? Still needs help though. I actually have a wreath hanging on the door, but it doesn't stand out well. I guess I need a white wreath? Any ideas? What else would you add if this was the house you came home to everyday?


Anonymous said...

Hi! I love your additions. Hanging plants are my fave. Have you thought of painting your front door? I don't have any color suggestions just thought I'd throw out the idea. I hang my wreath on the outside of the screen door with a ribbon, but it does bang around when you open and close the door.

Lisa said...

That does look better! Good for you - come do a front house makeover for me.

Painting the door red might be too bold for you, but you could put something else out there that is really bright red (or make the pillow that?)

You have a cute house!

I'm Just Me said...

I love the addition of the hanging plants.. life adds so much to a space..Red doors are supposed to be great for Feng Shui if you take to heart any of their decorating ideas... I am in the mood for a front porch make over too~ come over and play at my place!!

Hooked on Houses said...

Looks great! Very welcoming with the chair and planters. Had to laugh at Brian's "Super Cuts" comment. Ha. They look good, though. You should see my shrubs when I'm done with them. I always go a little crazy and then they have to go through a certain "regrowth" period... -Julia :-)


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