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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Kaylee's first job

She is the self-appointed librarian at our house. Too bad she likes all the books on the floor. I prefer them on the shelves. This is our first disagreement...probably the first of many.See that face? She doesn't care what I say. This happens every day. If I leave the books on the floor all day, she's happy. If I pick them up, she sneaks back in there and pulls them down again.
While we were visiting my mom over July 4th, she really missed those books. The paints were a great substitute though. She pulled each one out and examined it while we laughed ourselves silly at her. She's so nosy and inquisitive! At one point she pulled that white shelf down on top of herself. I just barely caught it in time. She also managed to climb all the way up the stairs the other day without anyone noticing. I ought to keep a defibrillator in the house; I thought my heart had stopped.
Click here to see a home video of her pulling books off the shelf. She moves fast!


E and T said...

Hi Amy Jo

Thank you so much for your kind comments about our new baby boy on my blog. We appreciate your thoughts.

We have the same battle with our little girl. She likes to constantly take her books off the bookshelf and I like to keep putting them back!! I love the fact that my little girl has her favourites and she will always pull those down first and bring them to me to read to her. Having books around the house is a good thing, as she will often stop and open them up to "read" and point out things to us.

I think your milk can looks very classy painted black and I am looking forward to seeing what you're going to od with it.


Lisa said...

She is so cute! You better let her have her way! ;-) We are just entering the pull out the books stage. She is slow getting there, but then she wants them all out and cries if you move her. Oh well...

I'm Just Me said...

She is so precious!! I love seeing your photos- thank you for sharing them :-)

Hooked on Houses said...

Adorable! What is it about books on bookshelves that little ones just love? Mine always pulled my books out and stacked them neatly on the floor, over and over again. You would've thought I was the one putting them in the wrong place whenever I returned them to the shelves! The minute she spied them back up there, she'd toddle right over and get to work. -Julia


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