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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

this and that....

The results are in with 15 votes. Cool! 15 different people looked at my site this week? Unless that was my mom trying to inflate the numbers and make me feel good... Don't you think my mom should have a blog? I think I'm going to make one for her and see if she'll do it

The question: I eat outside....
46% said "every chance I get"
13% said "ugh..too much work"
40% said "because I don't have to sweep up the crumbs"

I hate that those numbers don't add up to 100. I guess blogger doesn't do decimals...

Thanks for the lovely comments on my anniversary. We had an uneventful day. Brian at work and then to play golf. I took the kids to a park in Syracuse with my cousin Colleento visit with my mom . It was a wonderful little trip, including the brief torrential rainstorm.

I got home late to find Brian had bought an ice cream cake and bouquet of white roses. He actually remembered our anniversary! I have super low expectations, so this was enough to impress me. I wonder if he actually remembered that my wedding bouquet was white roses, or if that was a lucky grab off the grocer's shelf....

For those of you waiting to see a picture of the wasp killing outfit, I'm sorry to disappoint. Brian's friend offered to spray the deadly poison into the nasty hive. No winter coat or ski mask needed. What a friend! (I think Brian was relieved.)


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