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Sunday, June 22, 2008

We hate bugs...

Before I had kids, I watched a young mom teach her little girls about bugs. "We love bugs!", they would yell. I thought it was cool that the girls were fascinated with bugs and spiders instead of squeamish and scared.

"I'll do the same exact thing....teach my kids to enjoy and appreciate all of God's creatures", I thought naively.

Well, I've got the kids and now I've got some bugs. Ants and bees and wasps, to be specific. But I realize that I don't really appreciate all of God's little creatures, and I don't know how to teach a love of something that I personally hate! Poor little Joshua got stung by a bee yesterday, and the best I can do is try not to make him scared of those nasty little things.

This morning we noticed a swarm of wasps around our deck. Then we noticed a big fat hive on the railing of the deck. Great.... Brian thought for 1 and a half minutes and announced he had a plan. He came back with a broom and a dustpan. What? WAIT!WAIT!WAIT!!! I yelled. What are you doing? You're going to go scrape it off? Are you crazy? What does the Internet say about hives? Because obviously the Internet knows everything that we don't.

This man researched TV's for 13 months before purchasing a new one. He has been researching grills for the past 3 months. He knows how to find information on rust, on hard drives, specifications for an automobile part, symptoms for any sickness and now he also knows how to get rid of a wasp hive. I hope I get a picture of him later tonight, because his new Internet informed plan involves a winter jacket, winter gloves, ski mask and wasp killer spray. He's also going to set up the water sprinkler so he can run through the water and distract them if they start to attack. I'm pretty sure that one is his own idea...

As for the ants, I just laugh at them. Everyday I find 2 or 3 of the ittiest, bittiest ants near my front door. I vacuum them up and another 2 replacements show up the next day. They aren't too bothersome right now, but when they realize a banquet of Cheerios, toast and goldfish crackers are just 10 feet north of the entrance, I'm sure they will call their extended family. And that's what I'm afraid of.



Carole said...

I would definitely like to see pictures of the event.

Anonymous said...

That got a laugh out loud!

Kristin said...

I am with you, sister! My boys are both bug-obsessed lately, and I used to think I would be great about it. But when my two-year-old gets excited over a slug, I just can't fake my (grossed-out) emotions! I am such a girl. We just had to get carpenter ants exterminated from our house; they actually build nests in the trees, and the queen can live as long as 25 years! That's one serious reign! :)


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