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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Martha would be proud

A long time ago I found a tip on Martha Steward's web site that I tucked away for future use.
The easiest way to cover up a box spring mattress is
to cover it with a fitted sheet.
Our bed is not conducive to a bed ruffle because of the drawers along the bottom. We've had this bed for about 7 years, and although I change out the quilts and comforters often, I never seem to find one that covers the box spring. Of course I could take an extra 7 seconds and yank the quilt down, but sometimes I just don't have a spare 7 seconds. I bought the cheapest fitted sheet I could find for about $7 and the results make me happy! The sheet for J.'s bed was only $3! His Thomas the Tank bed got taken away once b/c he was being naughty, and for some reason he doesn't want it back. So, he's got a boring bed situation right now. But the box spring is covered up.




This has got to be the lamest tip Martha's ever given, but it's one I actually put to use. Usually I look at her ideas and think that I could do that (if I had $2,000, 2 weeks to shop, 3 people to help me and a babysitter). I don't even bother looking at her recipes, since I don't know what half the ingredients are.

Do you know that I once watched her make chocolate Easter eggs on TV? I was totally engrossed as she poked a tiny hole in an egg, blew out the raw egg, washed the inside of the egg, poured chocolate into the egg shell and let it harden. They were authentically shaped Easter egg chocolates. When she was done I thought, "What an exorbitant waste of time! Don't you know lady, that Reese's makes egg shaped chocolates? And they add peanut butter."


Donna said...

This is a fabulous idea and one I can use in our guest room. Awesome!

Little Sweethearts said...


This has nothing to do with your current post, but I noticed that "Flowers in the Attic" is on your list of books to be read. I read it when I was young and I've reread it several times since. I can definitely recommend it!



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